New Method How To Cancel All MTN Activation Services 2023

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New Method How To Cancel All MTN Activation Services 2023,

Welcome Back To PressLoaded.Net Number One Best Nigerian Newspapers and Entertainment News Updates, Today We Gathering All MTN Activation Services Cider For You To Stop MTN Customer Service Deduction Your Money From Your Sim Card.

That they normally deduct N50, N100 or even N200 as the case maybe and sometimes that the deductions are on daily bases while sometimes weekly and other times monthly.

One thing is certain if you have been witnessing such deductions on your MTN line and it is simply because you have either subscribed to one of MTN Value Added Services either knowingly or unknowingly.

How to view active MTN VAS subscriptions

The unknowingly subscriptions mostly happen when after knowingly subscribing to one of their Valued Added Services without opting out thereafter.

This is because most of their Value Added Services are based on auto renewal and most time people do forget to opt out after subscribing and when you have exhausted the value of the service, the service still remains active without you knowing and hence those deductions you often witness.

A typical example is the MTN Music Plus Service that you normally subscribe to, and after the first time free subscription, most of you usually fail to unsubscribe from it, and definitely anytime you recharge your MTN line again, MTN deducts your airtime by renewing it automatically.

This has been a very worrisome trend for long now and people are often perplexed whenever they witness such deductions on their MTN line, especially when they cannot remember seeing themselves subscribe to any those MTN services.

But after reading this, there will be no need to worry again as we are going to be showing you how to check or view all your active MTN Value Added Services subscriptions all in one play by yourself.

How do I now view to know the active MTN Value Added Service subscriptions on my line?

Simple; to view or see active MTN Value Added Service subscriptions on your MTN line, simply grab your phone with your MTN line inside and dial the code 1235*1# after which you should reply with 2 and you will see all your active MTN VAS subscriptions.

How To Check Subscriptions On MTN
To check the subscriptions on your MTN phone, you need to follow these steps;
Go to your MTN phone and dial 1415#.
Then choose the Content Services option (option 2).

Now to manage content services.
Follow the instructions to view your content services.

Why do you need this information?
Subscriptions are useful until they become annoying because they eat up your airtime. That’s the main reason people try to stop them. If you need to cancel all MTN subscriptions, follow the steps described in this article.

How To Transfer Data On MTN In South Africa?
You can follow the steps below to learn how MTN data transfer works.

First, you need to make sure you have enough data on your SIM card to transfer MTN data to another MTN SIM card. If not, you can buy data packs by dialing 1362*163#.
Then make sure to enable the MTN data sharing service. To do this, simply dial *136*5#.
Then choose the option ‘Manage data packages’. You will receive a four-digit security code. When prompted for a password, you can enter 0000 or change the PIN.
That’s all you need to do for how to share data on mtn in South Africa.

If you do not have an MTN contract, you can call 135 to access this service. This service is available to MTN PayAsYouGo, MTN Flexi, MTN Classic, and My MTNHoice customers.

Please note that if you are an MTN Sky package customer, you can share the data. However, you can only share it with one other song. You just need to make sure that the SIM card you are transferring to is registered with the MTN and that you have enough package to perform an MTN data transfer.

Now that you have learned how to send data on MTN, you can share your data and connect with your friends and loved ones around the world.

Important information about how to share data on MTN

Using MTN to access the internet is a great option for you. You can not only share data with another person, but also with multiple people. With MTN you can share a data package with 20 MTN users.

You can link the numbers you want to share the data with by activating MTN DataShare in the store. You can also unlink these numbers. All this can be done by dialing 1365#. However, if you unlink, you will need to be re-linked by the account holder if they want to access your shared data.

As an MTN user, you also do not pay any costs for sharing your data with other numbers. It’s free and you can share the data anytime, anywhere.

The primary account holder of the data or the person sharing the data can share the inclusive data, monthly data, and one-time data packs.

What happens if the main account holder’s packs run out? If the person sharing the data packets no longer has them, the associated users will no longer be able to access the data. They only do this if the main account holder purchases other packages. Linked users are also not charged for out-of-package fees.
People who don’t use MTN cannot use shared MTN data.

You are not charged for linking users to your data bucket.

Once you have linked your data to the main account holder, you should know that the MTN DataShare bucket will run out before your data.

If you are in Nigeria and Using MyMTN App, you can also use it to share data; here is how to share data using MyMTN App.

In addition to using up your airtime, subscription services can also be a nuisance. That’s why you might want to know what’s running on your phone. Once you have this information, you can deal with it.

If You Follow Up The Steps We Provided To You But Didn’t Get Out Solution Kindly Daily This Code *305# Follow The Steps And Resolved Your Issues.

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