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City of Stars Piano Sheet Music

In this article, let’s dive into the City of Stars Piano Sheet Music. City of Stars is a 4th-grade of piano learning. Some experts say it is not the 4th level of piano but suitable for those above 4th level in Piano learning. In this piano guide, you have simple and important piano characteristics. If you adequately follow them you will build good harmony and matching sounds. You can get this piano sheet for free from many online resources. City of Star is a song that can be easily sung on the piano with the given guidelines and exact piano sheet.

City of Stars Piano Sheet Music

Here’s the complete sheet for City of Stars you can follow for practice to sing this song on your own. If you have already followed any music sheet before then it would be easy for you to sing with these sheets and hacks. It’s a little bit difficult for those who have never tried playing piano from a sheet but with constant practice you can master your piano skills and can easily follow any kind of piano guides or sheets.

How to play Piano?

Playing songs on Piano is a tough task for the first time but once you understand how to follow and play it, it will be easy for you to make your songs by following music sheets. To play the piano with the help of a piano sheet follow the following steps and learn it:

How to play Piano

Read Music guides: The first step in the playing journey is to understand how to read the given music sheet. When you understand any music sheet you can easily play that song accordingly. Understand symbols, buttons, pressing time, and given spaces between two sounds and buttons.

Understand Piano lines: After reading the piano sheets now it’s time to understand important things about the sheet lines and their combination in the piano. There are four lines in each piano sheet. These lines in the piano are called staff some of them are used for lines and lines on the other side of the piano are used for spaces.

Understand symbols and their sounds: In Piano, there are two important clefs you have to understand first. The treble clef is the first clef you need to learn it. The bass clef is the line between the two clef lines, and it looks like the letter “F”. Dots and notes are also important for piano learners.

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Find Simple and Easy Digital Sheet Music

You can find simple and easy digital music sheets from various online resources like Google, Pinterest, Instagram, and music-specific platforms. Get started with simple and easier ones and then try tougher ones. All these sheets will help you master your piano skills in making amazing music sounds. For example, follow these texts as a sheet and check your abilities in piano-playing skills:

About City of Stars Music Sheet

City of Stars or La La Land is originally written by Justin Hurwitz. You can practice this sheet on the actual piano device or computerized piano with the help of keyboard buttons. The difficulty level of this song for piano learners is intermediate. The song is not suggested for beginners but if they think they are good at playing intermediate songs on piano then it’s an easy song for such piano lovers.

city of stars sheet music piano

Some easy Music Sheets for beginners

To learn piano, you can search and practice with some easy music sheets. All these given music sheets are beginner-friendly and can be followed by anyone on any kind of piano device:

  1. Love Story by Tylor Swift
  2. Super Mario Bros
  3. Hedwig’s Theme
  4. You Belong with me
  5. Star Wars
  6. Enchanted by Taylor Swift
  7. Lean on Me
  8. Let it Go

If you want to build your creative skills in piano, then practice freely on your own and understand the type and genre of piano sounds. You can randomly check and play them make your own sounds and songs, and then match them with some easy songs that you like and know well.


Follow all the guides in the article and try your piano skills with City of Stars Piano Sheet Music. If you already know how to play the piano then this guide will help you a lot with the music sheet. All you need is just understand the sheet and follow it by playing given guides and symbols on the piano.


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