Sheikh Ahmad Tijjani Yusuf Guruntum Biography (2024)

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At this Right Time We Published You Fully Biography History Life of The Best Islamic Teacher In Nigerian, Here Now It’s The Fully Details About Sheikh Tijjani Guruntum Bio.

Sheikh Ahmad Yusuf Guruntum Is The Most Popular And Prominent Scholar In Nigeria Who Committed Himself For The Service Of The Humanity For The Sake Of Allah The Most High. 

Sheikh Ahmad Tijjani Yusuf Guruntum Biography

Sheikh Ahmad Tijjani Yusuf Guruntum is among of famous and listened Islamic scholar of Nigeria. He was Born in the year 1960 in Kanamma a small village of Kebbi state, the north Central of Nigeria.

Educational Background

Sheikh Ahmad Yusuf Guruntum attended a Qur’anic school.

He later proceeded to advanced school where he learnt the portions contained in the holy Qur’an.

Sheikh Ahmad Yusuf Guruntum also obtained lectures from differents Islamic scholars especially on the lifestyle of the holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

He became very popular in Nigeria after he was approved and appointed as the Friday congregational chief Imam.

Before completing his studies in Kebbi State University where he graduated in the year 1993 with B.A in Islamic studies.

Sheikh Ahmad Yusuf Guruntum established a different Qur’anic school in various communities and clans in Nigeria and was a driving force behind the patient effort of introducing education to different divers organization and communities in Nigeria.


Sheikh Ahmad Yusuf Guruntum is well known for his messages of endurance and foresight and works tirelessly within the communities to raise an awareness and provide dialogue between Muslims and non-Muslims.

He believes that Islamic reformation must surely come through personal transformation and understanding of Islamic law, values norms and practice.

In this case, Sheikh Ahmad Yusuf Guruntum has called for an advance interpretation of Islamic teaching and values for Muslims to focus on the best of both ancient Islamic traditions and modern scientific education.

Books studied by Sheikh Ahmad Tijjani Yusuf Guruntum:

Sheikh Ahmad Yusuf Guruntum studied various books on Islamic reformation including:

  • Islamic Reform vision and meaning.
  • The Philosophy of Islamic Reform and Muslim Politics in Nigeria.

Moreover, he has has deliver a lecture in different universities and international conferences, and his views and perceptions have been widely spreaded and published in newspaper magazines and journals within and outside the country.

Apart from all his life, Sheikh Ahmad Yusuf Guruttum has sought to justify and strengthen the Nigerian society through Islamic reform, education, and pamphlets.
Currently, his emotional words continue to find a place in the hearts and minds of countless Muslims in Nigeria.

His Contributions to Islam:

Sheikh Ahmad Yusuf Guruntum gave the following contributions to Islam:

  1. He sacrifices most of his wealth and time for the service of Islam.
  2. He used his money to feed the poor and masses.
  3. Many non-Muslims converted to Islam because of his good attitude and preaching.
  4. He is the Chief Imam in his Masjid.
  5. He used to donate and sponsor orphan children to school.

Sheikh Malam Tijjani Guruttum is a reputable Islamic scholar in Nigeria he hails from Turunrum area of Bauchi state from a very tender age his parents enrolled him in an informal Quran school in order to learn the recitation of the holy Quran.

He later proceeded to advanced school where he learnt the teaching contained in the glorious Quran sheikh Tijjani Yusuf also obtained lectures from various Islamic scholar especially on the lifestyle of the holy prophet Muhammad (saw) (may peace be upon him). He became very famous in Nigeria after he was crowned as a chief imam.

Also, he started given out lectures on various Islamic topic sheikh Tijjani Yusuf Guruttum also hold special lectures session where he read out the teaching of various books relating to Islam jurisdictions indeed Bauchi state is blessed with abundant Islamic scholar on different Islam jurisdictions.

for instance, the likes of sheikh Dhiru Usman Bauchi who is well known today in Nigeria and many other African countries. Sheikh Dhiru Usman Bauchi vast knowledge of hadeeths. He run a charity foundation with the aim of promoting and developing Islam in Nigeria.


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