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Dauda Kahutu Rara, widely known as Rarara, stands out as a leading figure in the realm of political music within the Hausa music industry in northern Nigeria. With a career spanning several years, he has consistently aligned his musical prowess with the All-Progressives Congress (APC), delivering impactful songs that resonate with political landscapes since 2015.

Rarara Background Bio/Wiki

Born and raised in the vibrant town of Kahutu, located in the Danja local government area of Katsina State, Nigeria, Rarara’s musical journey gained momentum in the bustling city of Kano. His roots in Kahutu continue to play a significant role in shaping his perspective and artistic expression.


Rarara’s ascent to prominence coincided with the 2015 political season when he fervently embraced the APC’s message. His musical contributions became synonymous with support for General Muhammadu Buhari’s presidential candidacy, and he has continued this association up to the present year, 2022.

Notable Works

Rarara’s discography is replete with politically charged and socially resonant songs. Some of his noteworthy works include:

  1. Talaka Sai yasha jar Miya 2019
  2. Masu gudu su gudu
  3. Aikin Gama y Gama
  4. Ekiti ma Tamuce
  5. Munshiga next level
  6. Sai Buhari Sai Lolo
  7. Komai akwai ka’ida
  8. Sarkin bichi
  9. Aminu Dabo Uban gayya
  10. A kotunma ganduje be
  11. Dallatu 2 times
  12. Masari da Buhari dodar
  13. Rayuwar ya mace
  14. Guguwar niger
  15. Sannu da kokari maliya
  16. Uban Abba zauna daram
  17. Alfarma Dan maliki
  18. Dogara yadawo
  19. Jahata ce
  20. Masari Mai hakuri
  21. Sardaunan Bade
  22. Gandujen ne dai
  23. Ganduje a next level
  24. Gombe muga alkhairi
  25. Ana wata ga watan
  26. Kai kace acire
  27. Bazoom
  28. Barka da zuwa
  29. Karyar Banza
  30. Sannu da sauka baba Buhari
  31. Kano ta ganduje ce
  32. Tamburar diyar Fulani
  33. Sarkin ruwa na maiduguri
  34. Galadiman takai
  35. Zakin fama
  36. Gari ya waye
  37. Dasauransu.

Influence and Impact

Rarara’s songs are not merely musical expressions but powerful political statements that reflect his perspectives on the Nigerian socio-political landscape. His influence extends beyond the entertainment industry, solidifying his position as a significant figure, particularly in the Kannywood sector.

Rarara Net Worth

While specific details about Rarara’s net worth are not publicly disclosed, his longstanding presence in the music and political scenes suggests a lucrative career. With numerous successful songs and a dedicated fan base, it is plausible that Rarara has achieved financial success over the course of his prolific career. Despite the lack of concrete figures, his influence and impact within the Nigerian political music sphere are undeniable.

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