How To Pay MTN Debt And Get Bonus

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How to Pay MTN Debt and Get Bonus.

welcome to be with us at this time. If the MTN debt is affecting you, then here is the easiest way to pay off the debt and get a lot of bonus and many blessings.

Anyone who hires you to pay your MTN debt, this is the way to pay your debt.


Here are some ways to benefit yourself or others. One must have a momo wallet. I will give it to you and use this code to open your *671#.

Then you can fund your wallet by transferring money from your bank to the momo wallet which is available in the mobile app or POS owners who use MOMO PSB or ACCESS YELLO & BETA is the name of their bank, and your number open the Wallet and your Account Number that you will use for the funding.

You will withdraw 0 at first. After you deposit money, you will need to press *671# which will show you the things you can do with the momo wallet. 4.

After you click on the second option you will see where below Buy Airtime/Data then enter it. After entering it, it will also show you options.

Also, you have to click on one number which is Airtime.

After you enter it, it will also take you to some options. Then click on the second number at the bottom of MTN AWUF4U Plus, then click on it. It will bring you to the place where you will enter the number that you will insert the card into.

After you click send, it will show you where to enter the Amount and enter the amount owed to you.

But when depositing Dole money, you have to add 30 Naira or more, that way you will only get this bonus and it will allow you to call without making the first call and they will charge you to the main account.

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